Goal Achievement & Self-Sabotage

Why haven’t you achieved all of your goals related to health, relationships, career, money, and self-expression?

Haven’t you wondered why some people can make changes easily in their lives, while most get stuck and struggle? Why don’t we consistently do what we know is good for us? The answer is rooted at the subconscious level. Could one of 4 hidden obstacles be stopping you? Watch this video to find out:

Several things are necessary for a goal to be successfully realized – self-confidence, motivation, perseverance, and a single-mindedness that the intended outcome is what you really do want at a subconscious level. If any piece is missing, then it’s likely that you’ll procrastinate or even “sabotage” yourself completely. For some people, addressing the fascinating phenomenon of secondary gain is the key to become more successful. If you watched the above video, you now understand why many of us struggle to accomplish goals that other people achieve easily, and how you can let go of the struggle.

Do you want to discover what is necessary to change these habitual patterns?

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