Written by: Adrianna Foster

What happens in that moment where suddenly everything goes wrong and you feel like the world is conspiring against you??

What happens when in the blink of an eye everything you have been working so hard for slips from your hands? When you feel as if all the effort you put into holding all the parts together was for nothing.

Well, I hate to break it to you, but you actually never had anything in your hands. In fact, the reality is that you don’t control anything at all! You may feel like you control things and you may have the illusion of controlling things in order to make them happen, but the reality remains the same: You don’t control anything. It might sound overwhelming, but that’s exactly why this is the PERFECT moment to learn and practice “allowance”.


ALLOWANCE is a very powerful word! You will find many books written about this topic, but one of my favorites that sums up the philosophy of this way of living is Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching. In it, he talks about how allowance is the key to actually living a fulfilling life brimming with happiness and achievements. More importantly, it teaches you to see the magic of everything around you. So where does allowance come into play? The magic of your dreams and the actual force that manifests them only reveals itself if you ALLOW it to.

We have been raised with the belief that we have a certain control over the situations that happen around us. Whether it be money related issues, professional matters, family problems or even something as simple as getting somewhere on time. Here’s the thing though: THERE IS NOTHING that you control on the outside! We CANNOT change what happens and we can’t even control the way things unfold in our life!! It doesn’t matter how early we leave our house or how hard we work to achieve something, how smart we are, or how much we work on closing that sale… NOTHING is under our control! And knowing this can really freak us out because of that belief that we are brought up with telling us that we HAVE to have control over everything around us.

We think that if we are not on top of things all the time then things won’t get done or we won’t achieve anything in our life and in a way this is true! We have to move towards our goals and work to make them happen, of course, but there is just so little we can do. We can make the right decisions towards our goals, we can act, create stuff, we can even create the environment we need around us to make our dreams come true, but in order for that dream or wish to manifest itself we need to ALLOW it to happen! If we plant a seed in our backyard we can’t stress over how fast it’s going to grow. If we water it more than is needed it may die. We may actually kill the plant with too much water, or too much sun. By the same token if we don’t plant it, it will never grow… it’s a paradox I know. But knowing this will make our life SO much easier, or at least happier.


So at this point you may be scratching your head and thinking, “Well, what CAN we do?”


Well, it’s actually very simple. We can’t control what happens on the outside or how things unfold, but we CAN control our lives! Its crazy and confusing I know, but it’s the truth. Now how do we control our lives? By controlling what we think, say and do. Yup, it’s that simple! Everything that we think, say and do creates our reality and how things will end up happening. Even if the tide is against us, even if we are running late for that meeting, even if we can’t afford to pay a bill, its all about what we think, say, do and eventually how we feel and react towards those situations.

So that is the answer! We can’t control what happens but we CAN control how we react to what happens, and eventually THAT will create and shape our reality in ways that will benefit us. If we are clear of our needs and confident that those needs will AWLAYS be met by the infinite source that creates our existence in this world then that is how our lives will be!




What happens in that moment where everything goes wrong and you feel like the world is conspiring against you??


What happens when in the blink of an eye everything you have been working so hard for slips from your hands?

                                       Whatever you want! IT’S YOUR CHOICE!

However you react to a stressful situation will determine the outcome of it! If you make it a big deal it will be a big deal, but if you accept your reality and understand that the only thing you can do about it is to control how you react to it… then you are TRULY under control. The moment you understand this concept and start practicing allowance your life will unfold in magical ways and you will start to TRULY experience the wonders of “synchronicity”. You will find yourself with front row seats to the amazing show the universe will put up just for YOU! If you just WAIT and ALLOW for things to happen one way or another they WILL happen!


4 Easy steps to practice allowance when you are in a stressful situation:


  • BREATHE: Stop. Recognize your feelings, accept them and allow them to flow.
  • ALLOW: Sit back and enjoy how the universe surprises you and provides you with the solution that you need. The EXACT and PERFECT solution for your problem.
  • ACCEPT: Whatever happens is what NEEDED to happen! Don’t judge based on your expectations. Whatever you have in this moment is exactly what you NEED!
  • ENJOY: Happiness is a state of mind that makes the journey much more enjoyable! Life is short, so make it a BIG celebration!!!