“I reached out to the Miami Hypnosis Center after reading rave reviews online and not having any luck with my anxiety using the “typical” therapy options. After 5 sessions of hypnotherapy in 4 weeks, I can say that I have made more improvements with my anxiety in that short time than I had over the past 6 months.”Gabriela Stanard

“After years of suffering from IBS, panic attacks and self esteem issues, [I made] an appointment at the Miami Hypnosis Center. I had previously tried a few different tactics to overcome my problems but nothing seemed to change. For years i was in and out of therapy and i was tired and discouraged from the results i was getting. After a few hypnosis sessions i felt peaceful, happier and the panic attacks are now substituted by reasoning and a calm. I can’t stress how many times people warned me about hypnosis telling me weird stories and how dangerous it was. If i had known this was a positive and safe option years ago i would have saved myself a lot of grief and experimental therapy hours!” – Tara Emerson

“I don’t normally share or review my experiences online with places or people, but I just felt compelled to share my amazing experience at the Miami Hypnosis Center. I have met with Todd Goodwin several times, as I have always had a tough time trying to control my anxiety. I must say that I was not sure what to expect from a “hypnosis center”, but I can tell you that he really knows what he is doing. I think what impressed me the most about him was how he truly cares about the well being and life improvement of his Client’s. Since several meetings with him, I have gained more confidence and have learned to control my anxiety in my every day-to-day life. I would highly suggest that anyone who is looking to improve on anything in their life, in any aspect, needs to see the Miami Hypnosis Center. Thanks again Todd!!”Jared Shapiro