How not to let the MIND Get in the Way 
We have all heard that the mind controls all that we do, every movement, every action every decision, we can’t act and think at the same time it’s impossible. World class athletes need to develop skills necessary to automatic respond with precision and accuracy.  Hypnosis is used to enhance sporting performance, consistency and balance through mental control and execution of physical movement. Hypnosis allows us to make changes directly to the sub conscious mind and develop perception that is different from the outside world.
Every serious athlete knows, it is as much about what’s going on in the head as what’s going on with the body. Hypnosis can help fine tune your game so that, whatever field of sports you engage in, you get the very best from yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally. Hypnosis allows you to cultivate and maintain your skills and attitude in order to be consistent.
How Can Hypnosis Help?
  1. Hypnosis can be used as a performance enhancement tool.
  2. It incorporates cognitive and science methodologies that complements areas such as biomechanics, nutrition and fitness.
  3. Hypnosis is just one of several techniques that athletes may employ to accomplish their sporting goals and it is equally beneficial to coaches.
  4. Hypnosis does for the mind what physical activity does for the body.


Mental rehearsal, goal setting, self talk and arousal control are all good, but weak on there own, put them altogether with hypnosis and you have an amazing set of skills that will make you world class.
Remember, there is a huge difference between preparing for training and preparing for a sports performance.
Hypnosis helps reinforce established goals with direct, precise information to the part of the brain that controls our beliefs. This allows signals to react the frontal lobe instantly and automatically with pin point accuracy. By automating the thinking process you sustain natural movement of mind and body synchronisation when performing.
Peter Kingsley