It can be very challenging to deal with the loss of a loved one, but it doesn’t have to be all-consuming.

Watch this video to learn how it’s fully within your power to overcome the emotional pain:

See this brief testimonial of how Dr. Waldo Castro’s experience at the Miami Hypnosis Center (now Goodwin Hypnosis) helped him process his grief:

Grief is most often related to the death of a loved one, but it can also related to the loss of money, a home, a job, a relationship (from divorce or breakup), or even related to an illness, physical disability, or aging. In all cases, the emotional pain is related to the difficulty in adjusting to the new reality due to the resistance to making that adjustment.

“When I was initially recommended hypnosis as a solution to my fears and grief, I was skeptical. My brother passed away 8 years ago and since then, I had been unable to cope with the loss. I had also developed an extreme fear of death. I had seen therapists, practiced yoga, all to no avail. Within two sessions with Todd, I had already conquered my fear of death. Hypnosis allowed me to relax and gain perspective for a much more balanced and peaceful life. After completing all of my sessions, I had let go of the grief leftover from my brothers’ death and I had completely rid myself of my irrational fears. Being able to remember and celebrate my brother’s life instead of constantly grieving over his death has been such a blessing. I have so much positive energy flowing through me day-to-day. Hypnosis WORKS. Todd always made me feel so comfortable and he was truly a joy to work with. I can’t believe I suffered for 8 years and was able to so easily solve all of my issues within weeks. I cannot thank Todd enough!”Amanda Taylor

One of our own hypnotists, Gina Goodwin, experienced intense grief and post-traumatic stress from watching her mom die of cancer. After she used hypnosis and NLP (as a client many years ago of the Miami Hypnosis Center – now Goodwin Hypnosis) to eliminate the grief and traumatic memories, she was inspired to become a professional hypnotist. Here’s how she explains it:

I went to see Todd for grief/acceptance over the death of my mother. She passed away from cancer, and if anyone has ever gone through this with someone they love, they are all too familiar with what I am about to say. I cried almost on a daily basis once she was gone… and realized it had kept up for over 2 years. I was constantly fighting back tears, constantly fighting horrible images and getting flashbacks every single day and night. My nights were restless, and the stress in my life was on overload. I had no energy to do anything because this was draining me. It was starting to affect my job, and my health. The sadness and longing was literally manifesting physically with spasms and headaches, to name a few. I realized I needed help.

Being a holistic person, I was not sure where to turn. I met Todd, and felt so comfortable telling him everything going on. I do not believe I would have spilled my guts and cried like I did to a conventional therapist/psychologist. Not once did I feel like he was judging me, he truly listens and wants to help. My life has completely turned around!! After a few sessions with him, I felt like the world around me was transforming before my eyes, when in reality it was ME who was transforming. Before, I had to fight to keep haunting images OUT of my head, and fighting tears every day for two years… and now, I have to fight to try to even PICTURE those haunting images, let alone cry.

WOW!!! I can finally breathe again!! This has given me a greater understanding to it all. My stress levels have gone down, my eating habits are changing, and I am able to sleep without sleep aids. Most importantly, I am able to remember her as happy and healthy and I am able to finally smile when I think of her now, or whenever I see a picture of her. I cannot thank him enough.” – Gina Goodwin, 2014

As you read above, the experience that causes grief is often emotionally traumatic. If this is true for you, you may be able to work with us privately, as that is the most effective and rapid intervention. Please visit this page to learn more.