Sleep Problems

Inadequate or disrupted sleep is a growing epidemic in our society that can ultimately lead to depression, weight gain, high blood pressure, and even cancer.

Watch this video to understand what most often contributes to difficulties falling asleep, whether at bedtime or in the middle of the night:

Sleep medications are on the way to becoming the most widely used category of drugs. Many are addictive or have undesirable side effects, and they fail to address the underlying causes, therefore leading to long-term use. If you watched the video, you now understand that, while there are many potential causes of sleep disturbances, the most common cause is ultimately within your control.

Many local doctors have trusted us to help their patients, a growing number of which have been referred for stress and sleep issues:

“Lifesavers. I send them patients all the time from my office in Aventura who need assistance with regards to poor sleep, anxiety, phobias and smoking cessation. Faster than psychotherapy, safer than medication, and more effective than ignoring your problems!  Trustworthy and helpful therapists. Thank you!”  – Sandra L. Doman DC, Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center.

“The professionals at Miami Hypnosis Center totally exceeded my expectations both in terms of the process and its efficacy. They are thorough and ingenious about identifying the heart of the matter and get right to the point of resolving it. This is a no-nonsense, practical therapy which I highly recommend to anyone in need of a break through with a stubborn problem or issue.” – Michael Forman, DOM

We have had several clients who had been unable to fall asleep without taking pills or having a few alcoholic drinks, in many cases for years and years. Others could fall asleep easily from exhaustion but not be able to go back to sleep once they awakened 3-4 hours later. For those whose sleep problems started with a traumatic experience, we were able to eliminate their sleep difficulties by resolving the emotional trauma. We were able to help most of these clients to quiet their mind, reduce their stress levels, and restore their normal, healthy pattern of sleep.

“Just wanted to let you know that my sleeping situation has gotten incredibly better. I can even sleep with the light of an ipad on now! It has been such a great discovery to find the power of hypnotherapy and especially how it is like a plant that grows over time. Next on the list will be performance anxiety for piano so that I can get rid of that once and for all!” – Alex

If you believe that unresolved trauma is the cause of your sleep problems, you may be able to work with us privately, which is the most effective and rapid intervention. Please visit this page to learn more.


*Comments made by former clients are true and factual. Goodwin Hypnosis, its officers, and personnel, do not imply or claim that these comments represent typical results. Results vary depending on age, gender, lifestyle, motivation, and individual commitment to achieve a desired result. Each comment, and/or review, is the opinion of one person at a specific time and should only be considered in that context.