Panic Attacks

When you understand what causes most panic attacks, you understand how they can be prevented.

Watch this video to learn what really causes panic attacks and how to eliminate them:

If you’ve experienced panic attacks and don’t know why they’re happening, you’ve also realized that trying to reassure yourself when you begin to feel intense fear seldom works. Likewise, simply analyzing yourself or talking about your problems for hours is equally ineffective.

Anti-anxiety medication is also a very common treatment for people who are prone to having panic attacks. Unfortunately, most medications merely treat the emotional symptom (extreme anxiety) and fail to solve the underlying problem, so the individual must become a long-term user.

Panic attacks are symptoms. What causes them? Here’s a hint…it’s usually your mind. If you missed it, watch the above video to learn what you’ve been missing.

Many of our clients have used hypnosis to eliminate panic attacks and their underlying emotional issues:

After years of suffering from IBS, panic attacks and self esteem issues, [I made] an appointment at the Miami Hypnosis Center. I had previously tried a few different tactics to overcome my problems but nothing seemed to change. For years i was in and out of therapy and i was tired and discouraged from the results i was getting. After a few hypnosis sessions i felt peaceful, happier and the panic attacks are now substituted by reasoning and a calm. I can’t stress how many times people warned me about hypnosis telling me weird stories and how dangerous it was. If i had known this was a positive and safe option years ago i would have saved myself a lot of grief and experimental therapy hours! Tara Emerson

“I would have a week of sleepless nights before I had to make a presentation or have an extreme panic attack right before the actual event. I finally decided to go see Todd. He made me feel extremely comfortable and simply explained why this was happening and showed me ways of actually controlling the fear. To be honest I cant really explain why the sessions with Todd helped me overcome my fear. But it worked.” – Gene Shapiro

If you believe that emotional trauma is the cause of your panic attacks, you may be able to work with us privately, as that is the most effective and rapid intervention. Please visit this page to learn more.