The Effects of Procrastination

Just what is procrastination? It is the act of putting things off until the last possible minute. Procrastination in and of itself is not a problem – the consequences of procrastination, however, can be devastating. If you are a procrastinator, you have likely:

• Missed opportunities
• Worked late hours at work trying to finish assignments at the last moment
• Felt completely stressed out
• Been overwhelmed
• Suffered feelings of guilt and resentment

The Effects of Hypnosis

There is no need to continue on the procrastination cycle of wait, wait, wait, stress out, and wait some more. You can overcome procrastination. How? Through the power of hypnosis.

“Highly recommend the Miami Hypnosis Center. I had been looking for a great hypnotist for some time and I thank God I decided to come here. For many years I struggled with low self confidence and self worth. Most recently I had been stuck in a rut, lacking motivation and just procrastinating on my goals. Gina worked great with me. She understood exactly what was going on in my subconscious and went to work. Within a few weeks I started notice new energies and focus towards my goals. A sense of relief grew on me as I started to learn more about my limiting beliefs and gained the tools necessary to fight and win the battle in my mind. At the end of my sessions I can confidently say the best is yet to come. Thank you Gina for an amazing job and for blessing another life!” – Manny Figueroa

Hypnosis is a natural occurring learning state that bypasses the critical part of the mind. When the critical part is bypassed, you’re more likely to accept positive suggestions that agree with what you consciously want but are resisting for some reason. In other words, “I know I should do this, but I feel like doing that.” The result is procrastination.

Believe it or not, we are in a hypnotic state quite often. For instance, here are some times when you have “turned off” the critical portion of your mind:

• When you see a commercial on TV that influences you to buy a product
• When an expert tells you something and you don’t question the validity of that statement
• When you’re on “auto-pilot” and drive completely zoned out. You arrive at your destination with no clear recollection of the drive.

By going around the critical part of the mind, suggestions can be accepted by your subconscious that help you to head towards a particular goal – just the way advertisers propel you towards their product.

A Part of You Resists Overcoming Procrastination

Have you ever tried to stop procrastinating? What happens? If you are like most people, you tell yourself something and your judgmental mind finds all kinds of reasons why it won’t work! For instance, one of the main self-help suggestions for overcoming procrastination is to break the overall task into smaller, more doable chunks. This sounds great. Now try putting that through your critical filter. Here are some of the things you are likely to “hear”:

• “Just what I need – more things to get done that I can’t get done.”
• “If I can’t finish one big thing, what makes me think I can finish many small things?”
• “Who cares if you break it down? You still won’t start it until it is due!”

And this kind of internal self-talk is what you can expect whenever you try to overcome procrastination. So, what can you do?

Put an End to Procrastination with Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help you overcome procrastination. How? Procrastination results from motivational problems, and a hypnotist can help to resolve the underlying reason you have procrastinated – usually fear of some consequence, whether it’s failure, not doing something perfectly, or being judged (by yourself or others). Procrastination is normal to some extent, but when it becomes a persistent habit, it’s a real problem. The fears can talk you right out of changing, but once you resolve the fear and improve motivation, you can change from being a procrastinator to being an achiever.

Hypnosis is so effective because it allows you to accept the suggestions in your subconscious, instead of forcing yourself through conscious willpower.

Best of all, your changed status from procrastinator to achiever means that you will achieve your goals and still have time left over. Instead of using up all your spare time with worry and guilt and frustration, you can use your spare time for enjoyment and relaxation.

Hypnosis is an effective and lasting way to overcome procrastination.