The Miami Hypnosis Center presents a powerful one day workshop:


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How to Be a $ales Champion:

Master Influence and Turbocharge Your Sales

You know that…

You have an excellent product, service, or concept.
You know it would be great for your prospective clients or audience.
You want to close the deal.


Your prospects need to think about it.
They think it costs too much.
They just don’t “get it.”
You end up missing opportunities, wasting time, and getting discouraged.

What if you could…

Influence your target audience to MAKE A DECISION to buy from you.
Communicate in a way that would GENERATE WIN-WIN OUTCOMES.
Shorten the sales process and PRODUCE MORE INCOME with less effort.

You can! And this workshop will teach you how, whether you sell tangible goods, intangible services, or even concepts or ideas.

WARNING: This is not a typical sales training. You will learn hypnotic techniques.

Watch the following 8-minute video with Dr. Will Horton, our trainer, and learn WHY this workshop is critical, HOW you will benefit, and WHAT you will learn.


This course is rich in applied NLP exercises you will learn in class – and can continue to practice in daily life. These are subtle and sophisticated tools and techniques you can use with confidence and elegance – and continue to use due to your excellent results.

What is NLP? It’s neuro-linguistic programming, a set of tools and models (derived in part from hypnosis) that improve communication and influence behavioral change.

What if you were to add these elements to your existing knowledge?

• The 5 simple NLP steps that have been modeled from the greatest Sales Champions of all time
• The 5 Key Principles for Success
• The 6 Essential Empowering Beliefs for a Sales Champion
• A power-packed 5-step sales process

These NLP techniques can be easily applied to any professional field.

You will learn a lot about yourself and your clients. You will understand the way different people prefer to process the world – and to buy. You can learn to read your clients at a subconscious level – and respond to your clients at a subconscious level. Mastering your own reactions and deeply influencing others are valuable skills that can take you to the next level.

“NLP changes everything, and Will Horton makes learning new techniques fun and easy. With his years of experience, students learn to combine hypnosis and NLP instantly. I highly recommend his course. It’s life changing!”
– Judi M. Woolger, MD, Executive Medicine, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

This system is based on fundamental core principles of psychology, neurology, and linguistics without any of the fluffy, positive thinking talk that so many motivational speakers are now promoting.


This is NOT a motivational presentation but an incredibly detailed approach to increasing sales by learning a system that will help your staff understand how their clients think. As a result, they can work within their clients’ thought processes and emotional states to easily and effortlessly guide clients to a buying decision.

People who will benefit are:

• Entrepreneurs, managers, HR, public speakers, trainers, and business professionals.
• Real estate agents, sales professionals, and network marketers.
• Attorneys, especially in litigation, mediation, or negotiation.
• Psychotherapists, life and executive coaches, and hypnotists.
• Interested in sales, influential communication, motivation, confidence, and personal growth.

“Will’s teaching style was fun, dynamic and easy to apply. He broke complex processes down into relatable exercises that I’ve been able to use in my business and personal life. I didn’t realize how simple it is to shift a person’s subconscious mind, but Will’s class will give anyone a great foundation for the innumerable ways to use NLP in your life.”
– Alison Lessard, Lessard Luxury Wellness, Miami Beach


Industry example: Watch this video for some examples of how this knowledge can be used by car dealers to improve sales and service:


The course includes:

• Detailed, interactive instruction with a comprehensive workbook
• Demonstrations
• Personal practice and experience with yourself and other participants
• Exercise to build skills, group rapport, and depth of holistic understanding
• Q&A to solidify your experiential knowledge
• Follow-up webinar to review the course material

Course Content

• Rapport & representational systems
• Sensory acuity & calibration
• Use precision questioning to unlock the secret to your clients’ thought processes
• How to elicit & utilize values
• Meta programs utilization
• Strategy utilization
• Anchoring, eliciting states
• Linking client needs & values to your product or service
• The agreement frame
• Persuasive language patterns
• Advanced closing techniques
• Using the precision model to learn your clients’ hidden drives and motivations
• Sleight of mouth patterns to overcome objections

I took two training courses with Will Horton. The material covered was clear and easy to understand and follow. Will is an engaging and knowledgeable trainer. He is incredibly well versed and makes the classes fun. I recommend this training for anyone looking to learn NLP skills.”
– Patty Fuenzalida, certified hypnotherapist, Coral Gables


We will provide a follow-up webinar 2 weeks after the workshop. Send in your questions, and we will answer them live and record the webinar for a private viewing for attendees of this workshop only.


Date: Thursday, November 5, 2015
Time: 9:00am-6:00pm (lunch will be provided)
Location: Coral Gables, FL (location TBA)
Trainer: Dr. William Horton


Trainer Profilewill headshot

Dr. Will Horton is a world leader in NLP, and head and founder of NFNLP, the world’s largest NLP organization. He is a licensed psychologist, hypnotherapist, and NLP & sales author expert based in Florida. Dr. Horton and his NFNLP certified trainers have certified thousands of NLP practitioners.

mindcontrolDr. Horton is the author of several books, including:

“Mind Control: How to Get Others to Do What You Want”
and co-author of
“Selling Yourself To Others: The New Psychology of Sales” with Kevin Hogan.

He was awarded the 2001 Educator of the Year from International Association of Counselors and Therapists. He also has a military background and has trained the FBI in hostage negotiation.

“I’ve taken many workshops and trainings with Will Horton, and I consider him my NLP mentor. The skills I’ve learned from him have proven invaluable in my work with clients over the years. We have also brought him to Miami several times to train our hypnotherapy students as NLP practitioners. His expertise and training style really make learning fun and practical, and I recommend him without reservation.”
– Todd Goodwin, board certified hypnotist and owner, Miami Hypnosis Center

Your Investment:

Similar full day trainings conducted by Will Horton have ranged from $1,000-$1,495.

We actually used his own techniques to persuade him to offer this training workshop to Miami Hypnosis Center clients and friends for a promotional rate of only $677.

Why did Will Horton agree to offer such a substantial discount?

Because he realizes that this type of knowledge is really valuable and rarely taught, and he wants to be the one to teach it. He also knows that once a few dozen professionals like you take advantage of this training and utilize this game-changing material, more people in Miami will want to take his workshop, even at a higher price.

And he is offering two additional group coaching calls in the weeks following the training for $200. You will receive live coaching with Will Horton on your specific business, sales, or communication issue, and you will receive a recording of the calls for later review. This optional add-on is in addition to the follow-up Q&A webinar, which is already included as part of the workshop.


We pushed him further to offer a money back guarantee, so it will be an obvious, NO-BRAINER decision for you to take this workshop.


MBG copyWe believe that you will be very satisfied with the valuable insight and wisdom you will gain (and the potential profit once you integrate this material into your daily sales and client interactions). You will be amazed at how much more energized, intuitive, and EFFECTIVE you will be after you decide to participate in the “How to Be a Sales Champion” training.

So here’s our promise…After you fully engage in the entire workshop and take advantage of the applicable knowledge, real-world techniques, and interactive demonstrations, and once you begin to imagine how it will enhance your professional success in a measurable way, you will be grateful that you participated in this workshop.

At the end of the day, if you haven’t felt that attending it was well worth your investment in time and money, simply return your training materials, and we will gladly refund your money. If you agree that you, like other attendees, have made a wise investment in your professional future, then you will gain access to the special webinar two weeks later and retain access to it for review.

Constance Polanski, who took NLP from its co-creators and advanced training from ABNLP states, “Of all the trainings in NLP that I have been exposed to, Will Horton and NFNLP is the only training that brings it down to earth, and gives you techniques you can use the next day in your life. I got to experience NLP for the first time, not theory, not talking about it, but doing it. If you want to learn real deal NLP, take a course from Will Horton’s NFNLP today!”

Since Miami Hypnosis Center is putting its name on this training, we want you to be happy when you leave, one way or another.

• Full day of powerful, mind-expanding NLP and sales training
• Comprehensive workbook to take home and review
• Follow-up webinar to reinforce your new knowledge and skills
• 100% money back guarantee

You have everything to gain and ZERO risk.

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Fine Print: Please note that all registrations are non-refundable unless we cancel the training. We will schedule the follow-up webinar, group coaching calls (where applicable) after the conclusion of the workshop. Attendees who take advantage of the money back guarantee are not eligible for the webinar or coaching calls. If you have questions, e-mail Otherwise, you can register right now for $777: