New Client Application

Applying to become a client is a straightforward, efficient, and secure process that takes approximately 25 minutes. You must complete Steps 1-3 of the application to schedule your strategy session.

Step 1: Complete our general questionnaire.

Step 2: Complete the Emotional Issues and Other Challenges questionnaire. After you complete that form, you will be prompted to complete Unwanted Behaviors and Habits, if applicable. For example, complete that second form if one of your challenges is smoking, weight loss, eating habits, or alcohol. Many people complete both. Then you will be led to Step 3.

Step 3: Read our Client’s Rights & Responsibilities, which details our company policies and your rights as a prospective client. Please read this form carefully, as these policies (including our cancellation policy) will apply to you, whether or not you review them. This will lead you to Step 4.

Step 4: Schedule your strategy session through our online platform, after which you will receive a confirmation e-mail. We will also send you text and e-mail reminders 2-3 days before your appointment.

Please be aware that completing the new client application and scheduling your strategy session does not guarantee that we will meet with you. We reserve the right to unschedule the appointment if, after reviewing the completed forms, we determine that you are not a good candidate.

For this reason, please answer the questions as thoroughly, honestly, and detailed as possible, since we will base much of our decision on your responses.

Once again, remember that our private sessions take place ONLY at our office in Sedona, Arizona (with rare exceptions). If we accept you as a new client, we will schedule the dates of your program, in which case a visit of approximately one week may be necessary, except for those who can travel to our office weekly.

Get started with the first part of the application.