New Year, New You?

It seems everyone is ready to create a new them this year. If that’s the case and you really want to create a “new you”  then really take in the message provided by Hal Elrod because it is the first thing you need to understand in order to reach your goal. Whether 2013 proved to be a difficult year, the best year of your life, or even a combination of good and bad…every moment of it has led you to where you currently stand in your life right now. One moment done differently could have sent you in a completely different direction, but the point is not to dwell on that, but to understand one thing: YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.

Everything that you do today paves the way for your tomorrow. Not because someone tells you so or because someone else is running the show. You create your reality and the sooner that you grasp this the sooner you will realize that what others think of you holds no power over you unless you allow it to. We worry so much about what others might say or think that we stop living and hold back out of fear of not fitting in or being part of the “in” crowd. It sounds so high school, but even as an adult I see this type of behavior and fear in the adults around me. It seems we leave high school only to enter the larger arena of a high school called the “real world”.

If you want to make a change this year, do yourself a favor: reconnect with you! Remember who you are, not who others want you to be or expect you to be, but who you are deep down. Embrace the you that is within, regardless of what others may think and in doing so you will come to realize something…creating a new you is not a matter of just changing your outward appearance, or what you eat, or what you wear…it is waking up to the realization that there is an amazing person inside of you that has a purpose which can only be realized if YOU chose to make it so.

Let go of the fears and the doubts that until now may have held you back. We are all afraid or something in life, but what a shame it would be to allow that fear to stop you from living a life where you are doing what you love and are filled with happiness. I think one of the worst things about looking back on your youth is sitting back and wondering why you didn’t try more things.  I’d like to think it’s better to have to say, “Whew, that was one hell of a time, but I’m not doing that again,” than having to say, “Wow, I wish I would’ve tried that when I had the chance”.  Trust in yourself and take chances because life is short and in the blink of an eye half our lives have slipped us by.

Let this be the year that you dedicate to yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I by no means mean this in an egotistical or selfish way. Don’t make it an, “I’m going to get to the top no matter who I have to step all over to do so year,”…make it a year of self discovery and self-love in which you can grow and expand your happiness.

Know that if the last year was rough, you can make this year better and that if it was a good year you can continue to build upon it. Above all just keep in mind that you can do it!