Our Approach

We have found that nearly all of the emotional or behavioral issues experienced by our clients (such as anxiety, grief, overeating, or procrastination) are simply signs and symptoms of an underlying root problem that has been ignored. Our philosophy as consulting hypnotists is very simple. When we resolve the real problem, the symptoms disappear more quickly and easily than most people believe is possible.

Our society is focused on the costly practice of treating symptoms (costly for society, but profitable for many healthcare practitioners and drug companies). That is why so many people are still unhappy and unhealthy, despite numerous trips to the doctor or therapist, and despite diets, medications, and lots of wasted willpower. Treating symptoms is like trimming weeds. Quite often, the real problem is a disempowering belief or thought pattern that has negative emotional and behavioral consequences. Change how you think, and you feel better and do better. That is like pulling weeds from the roots. We accomplish this goal through a form of motivational coaching using hypnosis and NLP.

We recommend that you read this very informative article that describes our transformational approach as hypnotists. Choose print/PDF or audio/MP3.


Hypnosis is a safe and natural state of rapid learning. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, and you experience hypnosis daily, whether zoning out while driving or responding emotionally to a movie, TV show, book, or video game. You remain conscious and in control while hypnotized, and you can be hypnotized if you want to be.

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NLP is essentially the study of how you think. This approach is wonderful for personal transformation, because how you think and feel about your life experiences (past or future, real or imagined) affects your communication and behavior. You can change how you process and perceive information, so that you can realize your goals in less time and with less effort.

We use NLP to resolve internal conflict (“I want to do that, but I keep doing this”), neutralize emotional trauma, change desire for certain foods, trigger emotional states, improve self-image or empathy, change memories, and more. Blending hypnosis and NLP delivers much better results than using hypnosis alone.

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Coaching is a methodology that motivates you to move from where you are to where you want to be. The process addresses how the personal and work aspects of your life support or challenge the realization of your goals, and it holds you accountable by formulating a step-by-step course of action.

In relationships, certain problems can remain unsolved for years until the necessary knowledge and skills are acquired. These problems can result in unhappiness and resentment and even failed relationships. They can be prevented or resolved through ongoing coaching that produces growth and fulfillment in your relationship.

It’s important to realize that we cannot guarantee specific results for any individual, no matter how effective our approach may be with the majority of our clients. Individuals vary in motivation and willingness to follow instructions, two factors that are essential in determining success.

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