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“My episodes of anxiety attacks that occurred with the abuse of alcohol were ruining my life, however Gina Goodwin was able to help me overcome my emotional trauma with plenty of very unique tools.”

“I was filled with so much anxiety and pain, my friend recommended that I see Todd. And does it work? DOES IT EVER!!!  My personal and business life have never been the same.

Words cannot explain how thankful I am for Todd Goodwin. My severe anxiety has gone away and I feel as I see the world in a new, positive light.”

“Hypnosis therapy…is a way to really re-program yourself and unlearn unwanted emotions and behaviors completely! I cannot thank Gina enough for all the help and understanding.

“In 4 weeks…I have made more improvements with my anxiety…than I had over the past 6 months.”

After a few hypnosis sessions i felt peaceful, happier and the panic attacks are now substituted by reasoning and a calm.”

“I reached out to the Miami Hypnosis Center after reading rave reviews online and not having any luck with my anxiety using the “typical” therapy options.

I have gained more confidence and have learned to control my anxiety in my every day-to-day life.”

“If I had known this was a positive and safe option years ago I would have saved myself a lot of grief and experimental therapy hours!”

“Mind glowingly effective therapy. It took many fewer sessions, and less money than with traditional therapists.

No anxiety pills, and my breathing is been perfectly fine.”

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I had many limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset, lack of self confidence and fear of success. I completed a six session of hypnotherapy with Gina Goodwin and my life has been transformed.

Since I have been visiting the MHC, my existence on this earth has changed.  My confidence, outlook, energy, and drive have all shifted for the positive.”

“Your support and expertise have made such a tremendous impact on my life.”

I felt immediately comfortable and never felt pressured to “buy” anything.”

“Today, almost 5 months after our last session, I am more confident than I have ever been in my life.

“I can say that my investment in hypnotherapy was worth every penny.

“As far as being more vocal and confident – I’ve had much more meaningful and deeper conversations with people.”

The work Gina Goodwin does at the Miami Hypnosis Center is amazing.”

“After 5 sessions, I can’t begin to describe how they changed my life and the way I see things now.”

“Todd’s one and only goal was to be successful in helping me with my confidence issues.”

I’d already been through 10 years of therapy but my issues remained. I knew hypnosis was an option but didn’t really believe it could help me. Yet I felt I had no choice but to try. It was the best decision I’ve made in years. By the third session people had begun to comment I seemed happier. This system really works!”

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I would definitely state you have had a positive effect on my ‘ex-fear of flying.’ It was great! Boarded the plane ok, even kept my eyes open for the take-off and had a big smile on my face, just like you said! For the first time ever I slept for 3 / 4 hours!!”

“I’m very thankful to have met with Gina. Her calm demeanor and knowledge was crucial in helping me overcome my fears. The progression was quick and painless.”

The experience was great, it was really easy to feel comfortable, the exercises were fun and mind blowing. I am so happy I went through with it.”

“I have had a fear of bridges and balconies for several years. I wasn’t sure that anything could ever be done for me with my fears, but after only one session, I am completely free of my fears. I went to the thirty-second floor apartment of a friend and went out on the balcony, feeling no fear, just peace and calmness. Thank you so very much for giving me back my freedom!”

I can now fly on planes with a much greater sense of control over my thoughts and feelings…and hence, MUCH lower anxiety and stress.”

“Not only did I get rid of my fear, gain confidence, trust and ambition, but the knowledge about myself and how my brain works is priceless. It literally has changed my life.

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Public Speaking

My experience with Miami Hypnosis Center was amazing.

“To be honest I cant really explain why the sessions helped me overcome my fear. But it worked.”

“Since the conclusion of our sessions, I have spoken in front of hundreds of people a handful of times, and I have felt remarkably at ease.

“If you commit yourself to [the] process I can say first hand that you will become a more confident, relaxed and better speaker!

“I had a presentation in front of 50+ people scheduled literally the day after our last session together and…it was the best presentation I have ever done! I felt completely comfortable and at ease up there.”

I became the presenter I’ve always wanted to be – calm, relaxed, assured and very much in control.

“I cannot say that I am excellent public speaker, but I can with 100% certainty [say] that I no longer have the fear.

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I don’t believe I would be the strong woman and mother I am today, as an example for my daughter, if I hadn’t had Todd Goodwin as part of my support system.”

Gina Goodwin is an amazing Hypnotist who helped me through a very hard time in my life. She is so friendly and down to earth and yet extremely knowledgeable in her skills and abilities.”

Hypnosis has helped me forget about my bad pattern and appreciate myself so others do as well. Definitely worth going to.

“I completed 6 sessions and I am so much happier in my life in all aspects. I have a better relationship with my ex, my family and am a better mother.”

I have been able to open up, communicate more effectively and let go of selfish expectation. I am now in an amazing, lovingly unconditional relationship! The work I did at Miami Hypnosis Center is priceless!”

“I was going though a terrible break up and could not seem to get out of my own way…The change in my life and way of thinking over the course of 8 sessions was indescribable. I not only was able to work again and get out of bed but now can handle and look at all my relationships differently.”

“Through this very unique therapy I have been able to let down my guard and tap into my vulnerability. I have gotten to the bottom of many insecurities that were getting in the way of my relationships!”

“This was a great experience for me. [It] really helped further set clear and guilt free boundaries around my mother especially. i am am more calm, peaceful, and loving daughter, wife, and mom. thank you!”

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I have no urges to smoke and proud to say I’m a non-smoker. Thank you Miami Hypnosis Center!!!”

After meeting Gina Goodwin at my place of work she recommended Hypnotherapy could help me stop smoking. Not only have I not smoked for 8 months, I haven’t craved it which I think is the biggest success.”

“I tried so many different smoking cessation products and programs over the past years. I found The Hypnosis Center on-line and it changed my life. I used to smoke like a chimney and enjoyed it like anything else, and now I’m happy to finally say that I am a non-smoker.

“Almost 7 years ago on Valentines day i went to see Todd Goodwin and after the first session i was free of it ! i have never smoked again, never had dreams ,never suffered any of the withdrawal symptoms of stopping.

“Because of my decision to stop smoking and the support of your hypnosis services, my social life has improved a lot. It’s so much easier to meet new people and make new friends now that I don’t smoke anymore.”

“I was blown away with the outcome of my sessions at the Miami Hypnosis Center. After just 3 sessions with Gina Goodwin I feel like I have never smoked a day in my life.

“I am extremely proud to say I have been a non smoker for 9 months and have lost ten pounds!!!

“Believe me, it truly was SO MUCH easier than I would have ever thought.

“I was a pack a day smoker for 30+ years. I had unsuccessfully tried Nicorette, Chantix, etc. I quit between the first and second sessions without the usual stressed feeling of fighting constant urges to smoke. This was an amazing experience. I strongly endorse the program!”

I cannot believe how easy it is to be around smokers and have NO desire or urge at all to light up. THANK YOU GINA! You have changed my life and I’m forever grateful.”

“I have more fun not feeling like I have to smoke all the time.”

“I never thought I’d quit and it would be so easy!!!! Not only did I quit smoking, but I gained more confidence in myself in the process.

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“I kept feeling worse and realized the stress would cost me more than the hypnosis. After only 3 sessions, I felt much better and am amazed at how quick it worked.

“The Miami Hypnosis Center saved my life. In just a few weeks, I learned to focus on what I can control and let go what I can’t, and released a lot of guilt and shame that I had. I have a new sense of self- worth…and can already see brighter days [ahead]. Thank you.”

“All I can say is WOW! You have taught me so much more than learning to relax, like how to clear my mind of worry and fear. And I’ve really changed how I handle my boss and kids.”

Gina Goodwin has truly helped change the ways I deal with stress. Our session was a break through for me. I handle stressful situations in such a calmer manner. Thank you so much Gina!”

“When I first came to see you, I was a hard-driving, “type A” guy. My health and relationships suffered because I didn’t make the time for them. My favorite part of this program was learning self-hypnosis, because it’s allowed me to focus on goals in a relaxed way, which is new for me.

“My life is still a balancing act, but I’m managing to do it all and feel positive and confident most of the time. What a transformation! Thank you so much!”

I’m enjoying life much more since I changed my priorities to what’s really important to me. I highly recommend this program.”

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Training (Hypnosis Certification)

It’s been completely life-changing. I think I have complete clarity on what I want to do now. I came here hoping to be inspired, and I’m leaving with so much more inspiration than I could have ever expected.”

I am extremely satisfied with the course…and I would recommend to anyone who feels this professional calling.

If I want to describe it in one word, I would say mind-blowing. The way that they communicate the information is so effective. I have never been able to focus for such a long amount of time like that before.”

Honestly, I’ve never enjoyed learning in my life until [this training]. Finding out why it works and the techniques, and how it can be so simple once you know how it works. It makes perfect sense.”

The way Todd Goodwin and April Norris have shown me the world of hypnosis and their approach, it’s been very helpful. You don’t have to be this master to understand it.”

It was an incredibly insightful course – the instructors created a comfortable space in which we could ask questions, practice the techniques, and apply the theory behind inductions and hypnosis. I appreciated their thorough knowledge on the subject, as well as their willingness to explain how to build a client base as well.”

“As part of the learning process, not only are there lectures- there are hands-on techniques we all practiced on each other, which was a lot of fun and a great way to get feedback. I couldn’t believe how fast some NLP techniques worked. Getting certified has opened many doors for me.”

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Weight Loss

“Life changing experience! Incredibly positive and uplifting sessions. Gina is fantastic and I would highly recommend her.

Hypnosis has helped me make my actions and thoughts consistent with my desire to lose weight and be a thin and strong person.”

I truly enjoy my current healthy lifestyle and have no desire to change back to my previous habits. I highly recommend it to anyone battling with their weight!”

“I tried almost everything to lose weight and I felt like I always sabotaged myself. Once I got out of my own way…I’ve dropped from a size 16 to a size 10, and I’m on my way to a size 6!

This program really works and can be easy if you do exactly what they tell you to do…Take my advice and make it easy on yourself. Go in, sign up and follow their instructions. It’s that simple.”

I knew what to do to lose weight. I hadn’t the willpower…to stop eating like it was the Last Supper. 
[At Miami Hypnosis Center, they] explained that it wasn’t a willpower issue. The weight is now dropping off quite quickly, and after only a few short weeks I’ve already lost approximately 1/2 of the flab.”

The approach is very innovative and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

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Gina is fantastic and is really able to help pinpoint root causes for any issue you may be having in your life. If you are ready to change your life, this is your place.”

“The greatest value I got from working with Gina Goodwin at Miami Hypnosis Center, was how significantly it improved all of my relationships with family, friends, and in business.

In two weeks she helped me transform my whole way of thinking, my life and overcome the deep grief that brought me to her. I know today that [she] saved my life. She understands people and their needs, best of all she sincerely cares.”

“She is amazing, and makes you feel completely comfortable and at ease. She has helped with my anxiety and nail biting!!

This is a no-nonsense, practical therapy which I highly recommend to anyone in need of a break through with a stubborn problem or issue.”

Todd is excellent and very non-judgmental. Hypnosis works! I felt very relaxed and confident after our very first session.”

“For over 25 years I carried baggage, primarily emotional baggage. I can honestly say that within two sessions, my baggage was so light, almost nonexistent. I was diagnosed 16 years ago with MS and had various limitations. I noticed my physical body was responding as well including improved GI system, my quality of sleep improved and even my walking was easier. Thank You!”

“I highly recommend hypnosis to anyone, I believe is one of the best ways to really get to know yourself from the inside out.”

Excellent therapist. Very easy to talk to, very insightful and knowledgeable. I’ve used several hypnotherapists over the years and her techniques are very effective. She got to the root of my issues and has helped me tremendously. I would highly recommend her.”

The professionals at Miami Hypnosis Center totally exceeded my expectations both in terms of the process and its efficacy. They are thorough and ingenious about identifying the heart of the matter and get right to the point of resolving it.”

I highly recommend the Miami Hypnosis Center and their truly unique staff.”

She creates a welcoming environment and develops a connection with her clients immediately. She is genuine in her work and truly wants the best outcome for all her clients.”

Hypnosis is a great mechanism to work your subconscious without talk about your full past, present or future life…[and] an exceptional ability to reach this area of your mind and get the best of you in few sections. You will be amazed how much more you can accomplish in life and how much more fulfillment and happiness you can experience.”

Thank you so much! All the nervous chatter in my head has subsided. Before I came in I had a client back out of a purchase of my work. I was upset by it. Now I don’t care and focusing on other potential clients to approach instead. My mind is clear. Very amazing!”

“I have to say I was a bit hesitant when I reached out to Miami Hypnosis Center. And boy am I glad I did. I felt immediately comfortable and what seemed scary and a bit odd to me originally actually turned out to be very helpful.”

Gina Goodwin is an amazing Hypnotist who helped me through a very hard time in my life. She is so friendly and down to earth and yet extremely knowledgeable in her skills and abilities. I highly recommend her to anyone!”

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