“I have been working with Todd Goodwin for the last several years. First, he helped me with a huge amount of stress, then helping me figure out a viable work/life integration that works for me…all the way through nurturing me through an unexpected and hard divorce. I can honestly say, I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel so much quicker and better with him, than if I would have tried going to the traditional therapist. I don’t believe I would be the strong woman and mother I am today, as an example for my daughter, if I hadn’t had Todd as part of my support system. I would recommend him to anyone who reads this review, because I am proof that his technique and passion works on helping all who want to be helped! Thank you, Todd!”Elizabeth Manso

“The professionals at Miami Hypnosis Center totally exceeded my expectations both in terms of the process and its efficacy. They are thorough and ingenious about identifying the heart of the matter and get right to the point of resolving it. This is a no-nonsense, practical therapy which I highly recommend to anyone in need of a break through with a stubborn problem or issue.” – Michael Forman, DOM


“I want to share with you my transformation thru Hypnosis. Before my sessions with Gina Goodwin, I lacked confidence in some areas in my life, I had fear of public speaking and I also had fear of failure; after 8 sessions my life transformed, thanks to Gina’s expertise and dedication to each session I now have opportunities to speak on stages, small groups and share my message with confidence. I am an Inspiring leader and I love it! Thanks Hypnosis Center for Difference you are making in the World. – Ana Maria Sanin

“I’ve found my sessions with Todd Goodwin to be extremely useful, enlightening and fun. I never expected to go into a hypnotherapy session and laugh, yet he has a way of blending humor, professionalism and years of experience to create his own unique form of hypnosis. After my first session, I already felt a generous shift in my energy and thought processes around the subject we were working on. After several sessions, I feel I’ve completely cleared that particular issue. Todd makes this work less “painful” than most therapists I’ve seen, mostly because he knows when to go deep and when to make you smile and you can truly feel how much he loves what he does. I would highly recommend Miami Hypnosis Center and I continue to send friends their way. Thank you for everything you offer and the authenticity with which you do your work. It shows.” – Alison Lessard

“I worked a 5 session program with Gina on my impossibility to eat vegetables and fruits (mostly all the healthy stuff). She was great, she completely re-wired my head in a way that I’m not only able to eat them, but eager to do it. It’s incredible how the mind works. I strongly recommend her.” – Gonzalo Navarro

“Hypnosis has become a spiritual practice in my daily routine. The greatest value I got from working with Gina Goodwin at Miami Hypnosis Center, was how significantly it improved all of my relationships with family, friends, and in business. Most importantly, it has improved my relationship with my children. Hypnosis has been so great that I have committed to take the necessary steps to incorporate it into my fitness program, “Divorce Body,” so my clients can benefit as well.” – Claudia Saillant

“Highly recommend! Loved my experience and also provided great results. Thank you Gina Goodwin, you are AMAZING!”Lina Sotelo

“Gina Goodwin is an amazing Hypnotist who helped me through a very hard time in my life. She is so friendly and down to earth and yet extremely knowledgeable in her skills and abilities. I highly recommend her to anyone!” Tiffany Christine

“I’m writing this so that people know the benefits of being treated by the Miami Hypnosis Center. I didn’t know what to expect when I went in for my session, and afterwards I honestly felt like a new man. They showed me nothing but respect and confidence the second I walked in the door. If you’re suffering from any sort of issue that just won’t go away, I highly recommend giving these professionals a chance. You won’t regret it.” – Jordan Robinson

“I have to say I was a bit hesitant when I reached out to Miami Hypnosis Center. I had never participated in Hypnosis and for whatever reason really thought of it as a party trick. But while doing research on an issue I was having, hypnosis kept coming up as a beneficial form of assistance. I reluctantly called Miami Hypnosis Center. And boy am I glad I did. I felt immediately comfortable with Todd and what seemed scary and a bit odd to me originally actually turned out to be very helpful. Thanks Todd!” Edwin Scharlau

“For over 25 years I carried baggage, primarily emotional baggage. Lugging it around year after year, making it heavier as stress escalated. I heard about Todd through a mutual acquaintance. Let me start by saying never before was a free consultation so thorough and not rushed by any time or service limitation. Not only was Todd listening to me, he had so much to offer in our initial conversation. He made it so easy to talk, and so easy for me to open up and let him see my baggage. The sessions were designed specifically for me. I can honestly say that within two sessions, my baggage was so light, almost nonexistent. I was diagnosed 16 years ago with MS and had various limitations. I noticed my physical body was responding as well including improved GI system, my quality of sleep improved and even my walking was easier. My sessions are done and I can honestly say I feel great. Thank You, Todd!” Susan Dorne, OT

“This place was life changing! Gina is fantastic and is really able to help pinpoint root causes for any issue you may be having in your life. I can’t say enough about this place and even the people around me have noted a drastic (in a very good way) change in me and my overall demeanor. I have already recommended friends and family to Gina. If you are ready to change your life, this is your place.” – Lourdes Gayo

“The Miami Hypnosis Center is simply fantastic. Todd is excellent and very non-judgmental. Hypnosis works! I felt very relaxed and confident after our very first session. I highly recommend meeting with Todd Goodwin.” – Cheryl Zuckerman

“I’m very thankful to have met with Gina. Her calm demeanor and knowledge was crucial in helping me overcome my fears. The progression was quick and painless. She combines skill with compassion which totally puts the patient at ease. If you are ready to make a change in your life, you need to go see Gina.” Eva Suzanne

“I had sessions with Todd Goodwin and he literally changed/saved my life. Super worth it.”Aaron Vazquez

“Thank you so much! All the nervous chatter in my head has subsided. Before I came in I had a client back out of a purchase of my work. I was upset by it. Now I don’t care and focusing on other potential clients to approach instead. My mind is clear. Very amazing!” – Steven G.

“Hypnosis is a great mechanism to work your subconscious without talk about your full past, present or future life…[and] an exceptional ability to reach this area of your mind and get the best of you in few sections. The experience, during and especially after the sections are impressive. You will be amazed how much more you can accomplish in life and how much more fulfillment and happiness you can experience.” – Finnegan

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