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“I am a Speaker and Image consultant Expert, I support professional women transform their image from the inside out thru our Signature System “The Psychology of CHIC.” My name is Ana Maria Sanin, and I want to share with you my transformation thru Hypnosis. Before my sessions with Gina Goodwin, I lacked confidence in some areas in my life, I had fear of public speaking and I also had fear of failure; after 8 sessions my life transformed, thanks to Gina’s expertise and dedication to each session I now have opportunities to speak on stages, small groups and share my message with confidence. I am an Inspiring leader and I love it! Thanks Hypnosis Center for Difference you are making in the World.” – Ana Maria Sanin

I will never forget the moment that I found myself on stage in front of 200 women. As I was delivering my message all I could hear in my mind was “Get off stage! You are so ridiculous. People are not engaged. End it now!” It was such a horrifying experience that I decided I would never go through it again. Thus, I chose to take immediate action by practicing hypnosis as a way to free myself from fear of failure. That decision changed my life! Today I no longer operate out of fear. In the past, my life’s decisions came from a place of lack. They now come from a place of pure abundance. Through hypnosis I was able to rebuild my self-esteem, confidence, and self-value. I felt so focused that I knocked out public speaking in less than two sessions! Hypnosis has become a spiritual practice in my daily routine. The greatest value I got from working with Gina Goodwin at Miami Hypnosis Center, was how significantly it improved all of my relationships with family, friends, and in business. Most importantly, it has improved my relationship with my children. Hypnosis has been so great that I have committed to take the necessary steps to incorporate it into my fitness program, “Divorce Body,” so my clients can benefit as well.” – Claudia Saillant

My experience with Miami Hypnosis Center was amazing. I have to admit I was a little skeptical as to whether or not this would help me work through my fear of public speaking. Any time I had to speak in front of a group, I would have an out of body experience where I could not remember anything I said seconds after I was done. I would clam up, feel a lump in my throat, sweat uncontrollably, and just plain want to crawl under a rock and be done with it. Todd immediately put me at ease with his sense of humor and his incredible knowledge of how our minds work. Since the conclusion of our sessions, I have spoken in front of hundreds of people a handful of times, and I have felt remarkably at ease.”Ayleen Wolfe

When I had decided to go visit the Miami Hypnosis Center, I really was not sure what to expect. But I was sure in the fact that I had to try something to help me with my biggest fear. Up until that point I had always just dealt with my fear of Public Speaking, I would have a week of sleepless nights before I had to make a presentation or have an extreme panic attack right before the actual event. Sometimes even both which was extremely difficult to deal with. I finally decided to go see Todd. He made me feel extremely comfortable and simply explained why this was happening and showed me ways of actually controlling the fear. To be honest I cant really explain why the sessions helped me overcome my fear. But it worked. I cannot say that I am excellent public speaker, but I can with 100% certainty that I no longer have the fear. That to me is and always will be invaluable.”Gene Shapiro

I have to say Todd Goodwin is great at what he does! I went to see him to improve my Public Speaking skills and I was impressed with his process. I heard about Hypnosis as a potential solution for easing the anxiety and nervousness that I (and many others) feel before getting up there in front of a group. Todd will work with you individually and if you commit yourself to his process I can say first hand that you will become a more confident, relaxed and better speaker! I had a presentation in front of 50+ people scheduled literally the day after our last session together and let me tell you, it was the best presentation I have ever done! I felt completely comfortable and at ease up there. If you read this and suffer from any form of Public Speaking issue/ anxiety don’t hesitate to call and schedule a consultation. You will not regret it!”Jose Gautier

“Just got back from my presentation and I am on cloud nine! I became the presenter I’ve always wanted to be – calm, relaxed, assured and very much in control. I was nervous on driving there but once I arrived, I became excited and couldn’t wait to get started. I had a slight wobble with a shaky voice on the first slide but after that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. A huge thanks again for all your help. The real success lies in me having conquered my fears. Can’t wait to do the next one!” – Julie G.

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