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“Gina Goodwin is an amazing Hypnotist who helped me through a very hard time in my life. She is so friendly and down to earth and yet extremely knowledgeable in her skills and abilities. I highly recommend her to anyone!” – Tiffany Christine

Ms. Gina Goodwin has truly helped change the ways I deal with stress. I came to Gina in October of this past year with major stress and anxiety which lead to 15 years of smoking, nail biting and some hair thinning (yes, I didn’t know stressed caused that!). After meeting Gina at my place of work and telling her about my anxiety she recommended Hypnotherapy could help me learn to control those feelings and help me stop smoking. Gina told me of her experience and really inspired me to seek help. Our session was a break through for me and not only have I not smoked for 8 months, I haven’t craved it which I think is the biggest success. I handle stressful situations in such a calmer manner my employers have even taken notice! Thank you so much Gina, I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon!” Unicee Cruz

“I’ve found my sessions with Todd Goodwin to be extremely useful, enlightening and fun. I never expected to go into a hypnotherapy session and laugh, yet he has a way of blending humor, professionalism and years of experience to create his own unique form of hypnosis. After my first session, I already felt a generous shift in my energy and thought processes around the subject we were working on. After several sessions, I feel I’ve completely cleared that particular issue. Todd makes this work less “painful” than most therapists I’ve seen, mostly because he knows when to go deep and when to make you smile and you can truly feel how much he loves what he does. I would highly recommend Miami Hypnosis Center and I continue to send friends their way. Thank you for everything you offer and the authenticity with which you do your work. It shows.”Alison Lessard

“When I first visited Miami Hypnosis Center, I didn’t like my job, I wanted to do something different, but I was scare of change and worried if I would run out of money someday. Also, my mother died that month, and I was overwhelmed with sadness and guilt for not seeing her enough when she was ill. It hurt my sleep and focus and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I did a consultation with Todd Goodwin, who told me he could help me feel better quickly. I wanted to do it but the price was too much for me, so I waited. I kept feeling worse and realized the stress would cost me more than the hypnosis. After only 3 sessions, I felt much better and am amazed at how quick it worked. I still miss my mother when I think about her but I don’t feel sad or guilt anymore. My sleep is better, I’m more relaxed during the day, and I even stop worrying about my future. It was really worth it.” – Lionel Chicherie

“I am SO HAPPY to have made the decision to go and see Gina. She has given me the tools to hack my mind! Thanks to hypnosis I deal better with stressful situations, I am no longer doubting my decisions, and surprisingly I am more confident in my abilities (something I already thought I was, but learnt that wasn’t quite the case). It was this newfound confidence and believing in myself that led me to realize all this time I spent just trying to make a living, trying to ignore my true purpose in life under the pretense that I need to make money first to fulfill my dream. What a load of bull… That was just fear talking; fear of failure, fear of not being able to pull of my biggest goal in life, fear of surrendering to my calling. But once you get to be fearless, it is almost overwhelming, the potential you see in yourself and what you can do in a lifetime… I for one have and will keep recommending hypnosis as an extremely valuable tool for self-improvement and me personally, I will continue using it until the day I die!” – Jana

The Miami Hypnosis Center saved my life. A few months ago…I was a nervous wreck who used to lie in bed every night not knowing how I was going to support my family and if I would lose my home. The things I learned through your [stress management] program has completely changed how I deal with life. In just a few weeks, I learned to focus on what I can control and let go what I can’t, and released a lot of guilt and shame that I had. I have a new sense of self- worth…and can already see brighter days [ahead]. Thank you.”Rich Garcia

“As a single mom, I was under a lot of stress from work and my family life, having to juggle so many things. I used to feel so responsible for everyone else that I had nothing left for myself. All I can say is WOW! You have taught me so much more than learning to relax, like how to clear my mind of worry and fear. And I’ve really changed how I handle my boss and kids. My life is still a balancing act, but I’m managing to do it all and feel positive and confident most of the time. What a transformation! Thank you so much!”Kathy Ramirez

“When I first came to see you, I was a hard-driving, “type A” guy, and the pressure that I placed on myself to perform was even worse than what I got from my CEO. My health and relationships suffered because I didn’t make the time for them. My favorite part of this program was learning self-hypnosis, because it’s allowed me to focus on goals in a relaxed way, which is new for me. I’m enjoying life much more since I changed my priorities to what’s really important to me. I highly recommend this program.”Mike Berg

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If you believe that emotional trauma is the cause of your stress, you may be able to work with us privately, as that is the most effective and rapid intervention. Please visit this page to learn more.


*Comments made by former clients are true and factual. Goodwin Hypnosis, its officers, and personnel, do not imply or claim that these comments represent typical results. Results vary depending on age, gender, lifestyle, motivation, and individual commitment to achieve a desired result. Each comment, and/or review, is the opinion of one person at a specific time and should only be considered in that context.