Initial Consultation – Please Read

Since 2018, we have worked remotely with clients who were unable to travel thousands of miles to see us, and COVID’s safety concerns reinforced this shift, so we have continually optimized the process. Today, our remote sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions, and we see most clients in this manner, since they live too far to visit our office. Given the ease of using secure, online video platforms like Zoom, now is the perfect time to work with a skilled and experienced board certified hypnotist like Gina or Todd Goodwin, without being limited to the hypnotists who reside in your city. You may also appreciate the confidentiality of doing remote sessions from the comfort of your home, as well as the convenience of avoiding traffic and commuting.

Are you ready to work with us?

If our practical, results-oriented approach appeals to you, and you are serious about resolving your challenges, then it’s time to schedule your initial consultation.

During this meeting via Zoom, we will evaluate your specific situation, explore the underlying causes of your challenges, answer your questions, and outline a strategy to help you achieve your desired outcome. The experience is relaxed, very informative, and takes less than an hour. Rest assured that we will accept you as a client only if we are confident that we can help you and you are a good candidate for our services. If not, we will tell you so.

Are you a good candidate for our services?

Our successful clients are coachable, committed, and accountable. To work with us, you must:

• Have an open mind and be ready to take direction, handle critical feedback, and follow instructions;
• Be motivated and make it a top priority to achieve your desired goal;
• Take full responsibility for your results and avoid making excuses; and
• Realize that successfully addressing your issue requires an investment in time and money.

Note: The work we do is customized to each individual and is discussed during your Zoom consultation, which is $97. As a result, we do not discuss pricing or any other details related to your specific situation until this first meeting. Our services are not considered medical in nature, so we do not take any form of health insurance.

The next step is to complete our online new client application (it takes most people 10-20 minutes), after which you will gain access to a 30-minute educational video to prepare you for your initial consultation. If you have limited time right now, you can watch the video at a later time. Once you have viewed the video, you can schedule your appointment with our online calendar.

If emotional challenges (including alcohol or eating habits) are your main concern, CLICK HERE to complete our new client application.

If compulsive gambling is your main concern, CLICK HERE.

One more thing…We realize that our protocol is not suitable for everyone. If you are interested in working privately with us, we recommend that you read or listen to the following article to understand our approach to working with clients. You can do this at any time before or after scheduling your consultation. To download it, select print/PDF or audio/MP3.