Strategy Session – Please Read

Are you ready to work with us?

If our practical, results-oriented approach appeals to you, and you are serious about resolving your challenges, the first step is to schedule a Zoom strategy session.


During this meeting via Zoom, we will evaluate your specific situation, explore the underlying causes of your challenges, answer your questions, and outline a strategy to help you achieve your desired outcome. The experience is relaxed, very informative, and takes about an hour. Many clients claim to have learned more from this initial meeting than from talking with a therapist for months.

Rest assured that we will accept you as a client if we are confident that we can help you and you are a good candidate for our services. If not, we will tell you so.

Are you a good candidate for our services?

Our successful clients are coachable, committed, and accountable. To work with us, you must:

• Have an open mind and be ready to take direction, handle critical feedback, and follow instructions;
• Be motivated and make it a top priority to achieve your desired goal;
• Take full responsibility for your results and avoid making excuses; and
• Realize that successfully addressing your issue requires an investment in time and money.

We carefully consider everyone we meet with, and a decision to not accept a prospective client is made regretfully but with the best interest of the individual. Reasons for either acceptance or non-acceptance of prospective clients are based upon a composite of several factors, including a review of the completed application/questionnaires, observations made during the strategy session, assessment of the qualities mentioned above, determination of an appropriate customized program, and the issue/challenge/problem being presented.

The final decision regarding acceptance of an prospective client is based on the professional experience, intuition, and judgment of the hypnotist. We recognize that other practitioners may be a better fit with individuals who do not see eye-to-eye with our approach or whom we do not accept as clients.

Acceptance of one individual does not guarantee acceptance of another, including family members of clients and individuals who have been referred to us by our professional colleagues in the medical and mental health fields. Individuals that we determine are not suitable candidates for our services may contact us in the future for reconsideration. Those who are accepted as clients and decide not to proceed may do so at a later date, although it is possible our fees will have increased.

Note: We do not discuss pricing or any other details related to your specific situation until your strategy session. The work we do and associated fees are customized to each individual and are discussed during your Zoom strategy session. As our services are not considered medical in nature, we do not take any form of health insurance.

The strategy session fee is $300 to meet with either Gina Goodwin or Todd Goodwin. This amount is applied towards the fee for your program.

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