“The Miami Hypnosis Center saved my life. A few months ago…I was a nervous wreck who used to lie in bed every night not knowing how I was going to support my family and if I would lose my home. The things I learned through your [stress management] program has completely changed how I deal with life. In just a few weeks, I learned to focus on what I can control and let go what I can’t, and released a lot of guilt and shame that I had. I have a new sense of self- worth…and can already see brighter days [ahead]. Thank you.”Rich Garcia

“As a single mom, I was under a lot of stress from work and my family life, having to juggle so many things. I used to feel so responsible for everyone else that I had nothing left for myself. All I can say is WOW! You have taught me so much more than learning to relax, like how to clear my mind of worry and fear. And I’ve really changed how I handle my boss and kids. My life is still a balancing act, but I’m managing to do it all and feel positive and confident most of the time. What a transformation! Thank you so much!”Kathy Ramirez

“When I first came to see you, I was a hard-driving, “type A” guy, and the pressure that I placed on myself to perform was even worse than what I got from my CEO. My health and relationships suffered because I didn’t make the time for them. My favorite part of this program was learning self-hypnosis, because it’s allowed me to focus on goals in a relaxed way, which is new for me. I’m enjoying life much more since I changed my priorities to what’s really important to me. I highly recommend this program.”Mike Berg