The Affirmation Challenge

I was talking with a friend yesterday and she was filling me in on how her year has been going so far. While she had started the year off really gung ho and ready to conquer the world, she was finding that all that excitement and confidence was starting to slowly fizzle out. The fact that she has to drive around for a large portion of her day in Miami traffic doesn’t help in the slightest bit. (Miami residents will now what I mean by this. 😉 ) Quite honestly, at times, its enough to drive even the most positive among us into bypassing driving all together. As we laughed over this dilemma , she asked me how it was that I managed to stay so positive.

Quite simply, through repetition. Repetition of what you might ask? Affirmations. As I’ve noted in previous posts, even for myself staying in a balanced mind set is a task that does not come easily all the time. I mean I’ll have some days that I’m the epitome of, “the world is great and I’m at the top of it”, but I also have those days when the thought of climbing out of bed to face the world seems near blasphemous. Yet, I do get out of bed and I do it by affirming something to myself to give me that extra boost to take charge. It can be anything from, “you are amazing in all you do” or “you are deserving of wonderful things” the list of affirmations are boundless. The point is that these then become a springboard for how I will lead my day.
They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it is the first meal you have and it prepares you for the day. Think about it for a second. What are you like on those days that you breeze out of the house without breakfast? If your anything like me by the time lunch comes around I’m ready to go down like a bag of sand. I’ll find myself feeling lethargic and besides slightly dizzy, my thoughts will be in a disarray because I haven’t provided the proper nutrition my body requires to get it moving right.

Likewise, in the same way whether or not you eat breakfast affects your body and its ability to function, what you say and think at the start of your day can set the stage for the type of day you will have. Have you ever had one of those mornings when everything just happens to go wrong? Everywhere you turn it seems the day has got it in for you and you would’ve been better off staying in bed? Well, how did you feel? My guess is pretty crappy, which leads you to think crappy thoughts and on and on the cycle goes. Now have you had a day when it starts off with something wrong, but instead of letting it ruin the rest of the day you decide to just let it slide off your back? How much better have you felt as opposed to the first scenario? I

What you’ll need:

Mason Jar

Pencil or pen



Okay,  gather your supplies get ready to hunker down and write down some affirmations. Don’t just write down the same affirmation over and over. Instead give yourself different affirmations so that each day you have something new you can affirm to yourself.  when you’re writing down the affirmations make sure to give yourself enough space to cut the paper without cutting into another affirmation. I always suggest this as opposed to cutting the paper first because otherwise you may cut the strips to short. Some people prefer to type their affirmations out and then print them, which is fine as well. The point is to do it so whichever way works best for you go for it.

That being said, remember that these are supposed to be quick little affirmations that you you will be telling yourself throughout the day not long drawn out reflections. If you are writing an affirmation and you realize that you are half way down the page with just one, then I suggest you start a journal because there is a lot you may need to get out (journals and their importance and benefits will be discussed further in a future post). Now back to your affirmations. ^_^

Once you have written down all your affirmations and cut them place them in your mason jar as pictured below. If you’d like to add a label as in the picture below you’re free to do so, although it is not absolutely necessary. Now that you’re all done find a place to set up you jar. Now this is very important: Please do not make your jar only to place it in some obscure corner of your home somewhere and forget about it. I always suggest either putting it on your nightstand or in your bathroom if you have a long counter for your sink.


Okay, most people will understand the nightstand, but when I tell them in the bathroom they look at me funny. The thing is its actually a guaranteed traffic area for you in the morning. Think about it: everyone wakes up and goes to the bathroom in the morning. Yet, again I state if there is room because we don’t want you mason jar teetering on the edge of your

As you can tell by the picture, my sink area has a lot of room and so adding my mason jar would not really be a problem. I like this space because it is very in your face. You wake up, wash your face, brush your teeth and bam! There’s your mason jar full of positive affirmations. There’s really no way for you to miss it and you have a mirror in front of you so you can look at yourself while you state your affirmation if you’d like and off you go to start your day!

  The affirmation is something that you should make an effort to then repeat to yourself throughout the day. This will further drive the message home so to speak. Now the length of time you decide to do this will depend on you, but for the most part in general people like to do a 30 day challenge. I say, however, if you have more than thirty affirmations that you want to provide for yourself so be it. As long as you are following through, you will start to see a different  way then you might have thought about it before.

  I’ve you’ve tried this before we would love to hear how the experience was for you. Did you stick to it for more than a month? Did any of the affirmations stick with you beyond the challenge? What was your favorite affirmation? Let us know in the comment section and remember that the only thing that can happen by trying is that you gain a new perspective from doing this…if you ask me, that sounds totally worth it! 😉