Videos from our hypnosis trainings…

Here are a few demonstrations of the power of the mind from our Professional Hypnosis Training & Certification courses. Significant changes can take place with a just few minutes of hypnosis or NLP. With a few private sessions, these results can actually last indefinitely. Please note that we are not currently offering any hypnosis trainings.

How to quit smoking with a few quick NLP techniques

Internal conflict is the primary reason that smokers have trouble quitting smoking. One part of them wants to stop smoking, while another part still wants to smoke. A key component to using hypnosis to quit smoking is ending the internal debate. Watch this demonstration from our certification training as one student experiences a visual squash along with some other covert hypnosis techniques. While we typically apply a variety of techniques to get the desired result with our clients, it turns out that this brief demonstration was all she needed to quit smoking successfully.

Demonstration of a hypnotic induction

Professional hypnotists may use any number of hypnotic inductions with clients. This demonstration from our hypnosis certification training in Miami shows a basic induction blending elements of both Elman and progressive relaxation. A brief series of NLP-enhanced hypnotic suggestions follows, as well as subjective feedback from the student at the end.

How to eliminate a spider phobia in minutes

Arachnophobia is very common. You probably know a dozen people with this intense irrational fear. All phobias are learned, which means they can be unlearned. Hypnosis and NLP facilitate very quick learning or unlearning. Watch this demonstration of how a blend of NLP techniques eliminates a spider phobia in minutes.

How to create disgust at the thought of eating junk food

This student loved french fries…at the beginning of this video. Then she became disgusted by the idea of eating them. Yes, it’s possible to “break up” with junk food in just a few minutes.


How to rekindle the spark in a relationship

Here’s an innovative way to use covert anchoring. Imagine how you could use these concepts in other ways: