Vision Board Challenge…

With the Vision Board Workshop only a couple of days away we thought we’d raise a challenge for our followers. Although we would have loved to have all of you with us we know not all of you are locals to Miami and seats filled up pretty fast.  We would love you guys to have a go, however, at creating your own vision boards! We’d love to see what you guys are planning on manifesting this year and the reasons why these are so important to you. We invite you to send us your pictures and your stories and we’ll Share them with others via the blog.

Its a new year and there is no better time than right now to start putting out the frequency to the universe that says, “I am ready for abundance in my life.” So what are you waiting for?  Help inspire others into manifesting the kind of life they love by working on manifesting the one you want. :)Simply send us a comment on our contact page with the words: Vision Board Challenge and we will give you the email address where you can send it all to.

So grab some magazines, a project board, a pair of scissors, glue and your aspirations and get to it !!!! We Can’t wait to hear from you guys ^_^