Vision Boards: How It Worked For Me

If you’ve been following our blog than you’ve no doubt noticed the announcements for our upcoming Vision Board Workshop. With the event looming in the horizon, I felt it would only be right to share my own experience with vision boards. I’ve always been a firm believer in trying out and actually taking part in the things I support and back up, so here is my story:

I first became familiar with the idea of using vision boards back in 2010. I had just finished watching “The Secret” with my family and had come away feeling inspired and hopeful in a way I had never felt before. The idea of having a vision board seemed like something that was so simple, yet at the same time had the potential to produce so many results. It really was a situation where I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. So off I went to buy cork boards and supplies to individualize our vision boards.

As we worked on prepping our boards, I thought about what I wanted in my life…what I really wanted. At the time, I had still been in school and was studying Mandarin Chinese. It had been brought to our attention that the school had a study abroad program and as I sat there I thought about how I would’ve loved to have been on that trip with all my classmates. Alas, I had not been able to make the trip for though I had an overabundance of enthusiasm, I lacked the finances to make the trip. Being a full time student without a job, meant that I depended on my husband to help me with my education and the study abroad trip was an expense that he just couldn’t make.

So it was that I decided to incorporate pictures of travel on my board. Then I filled the center, the heart of my board, with pictures of my family at our happiest. The left corner I filled with pictures of the kind of house I wanted and the items I’d want in it. Once I was finished, I hung my vision board on the wall by the side of my bed. I chose this spot because I knew it would always be in my line of vision.
When the time came around to apply for the study abroad again, I found that I would not let the opportunity pass me by again. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I was going to go to China. There were no if, ands, or maybes about it, I was determined to go. The funny thing was that at some point or another, I can’t seem to remember exactly when, I had completely forgotten about my vision board and it’s purpose. I mean I would wake up and it was the first thing I saw and at night it was the last thing I looked at, but it wasn’t like I was making a conscious effort to really look at it or even think about it. It was just there and it had became just another part of my room.

Then something amazing happened to me. All of a sudden I found out about a scholarship opportunity specifically for studying abroad. However, it required that I apply for financial aid, something that I had never been eligible for before. Yet, surprise…once again the universe had deigned to create a way for me and for the first time I was eligible for financial aid. Not only did the financial aid ensure that I would be eligible for the scholarship, but I was reimbursed for the fall and spring semester I had just paid. That alone ensured I had enough to pay for the program and my plane ticket to China.

I ended up getting the scholarship on top of that and found myself with $3000 to spend in China. That money went to traveling and enabled me to spend an extra month in China seeing places I had only dreamed of ever being able of seeing. I traveled to Hangzhou to study and then visited Hong Kong, Beijing, Ningbo, and Shanghai…something that had never seemed like a possibility for me.

It wasn’t until I had returned from my trip that I realized that I had created my reality.  I spoke with my husband, he made me realize that I had manifested the desires I had placed on my vision board. He was truly amazed at how, seemingly out of nowhere, everything had aligned to make the one thing I had desired so strongly come to fruition. It was amazing to me as well. See, although I had stopped thinking about my vision board a while ago, on a subconscious level it had never stopped working. Every time I looked at that board, though I consciously put no thought into it, I was sending the signal out that I wanted to accomplish the objectives I had placed on my board. My thoughts were so connected to it that it brooked no argument and even my attitude about how I was going to go reflected it. I never had an, “if I’m able to go” attitude…it was always when I get there I will see this or go here.

My vision board had changed my life and as the time passed I came to see other things on my board come to pass, such as a tropical trip to match the pictures of palm tress I had put up, but it would always be that trip to China that thoroughly convinced me of the power of using a vision board to manifest my dreams. I always tell people the same thing when they ask me about vision boards, “I believe because I have experienced it for myself”. So should you go ahead and try it? I say a resounding YES!!! At the end of the day, like I stated before, “you have nothing to lose and a world of possibilities to gain. ^_^

If you’ve had your own experience with vision boards that you’d like to share, please feel free to comment and let us know. We’d love to hear about the results you’ve had.